Other Beef Cuts

At Spring Creek Meats, we also have many other cuts to choose from. We offer Brisket in both flats and points, Stew Meat, and Short Ribs in both Traditional and Wagyu. Spring Creek Meats LLC is a Beef Quality Assurance Certified Company, that only uses BQA Certified Beef.
Our Wagyu genetics offer the flavor of traditional beef but have the extreme tenderness and marbling only offered in Wagyu. Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed known as a delicacy all over the world. By adding these genetics to our traditional Angus animals, our prime grading has increased to 90%.

Price List:

  • Brisket Points and Flats:

    • Traditional $5.00/pound

    • Wagyu $5.50/pound

  • Stew Meat:

    • Traditional $4.50/pound

    • Wagyu $5.00/pound

  • Short Ribs:

    • Traditional $6.00/pound

    • Wagyu $6.50/pound