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Butcher Box Price List

Our traditional beef is extremely tender and will melt in your mouth.

Our box sets are great for sharing with family and friends as gifts as well.

They also give you the chance to sample some of our best cuts! 


Comfort Food Box

10 pounds of Ground Beef

1 Roast

1 pound Fajita strips

1 pound of Stew Meat

2 Top Sirloin Steaks

2 Cube Steaks


Small Traditional Box

15 pounds of Ground Beef

2 pounds of Beef Patties

4 Top Sirloin Steaks

4 NY Strip Steaks

2 Ribeye steaks

1 Roast

1  pound of Fajita Strips

2 Pound of Stew Meat


Big Traditional Box

20 pounds of Ground Beef

3 pounds of  Beef Patties

4  Top Sirloin Steaks

4 NY Strip Steaks

4 Ribeye Steaks 

2 Roasts

4 Cube Steaks

2 pounds Stew Meat

1 pound of Fajita Strips

Want to create your own custom butcher box?

Contact us today to create your own! Great for gifts or to just fill your freezer! 

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