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Our Story….

Spring Creek Meats was founded in 2021.  We began with a goal to share the same great-tasting, high-quality beef that our family has been enjoying for generations, directly with our customers.


The Sidwell family has been raising livestock for over 100 years.  Whitney Sidwell, along with her parents Justin “Gus” and Terri Sidwell have always enjoyed having their freezers full of delicious beef.  We started this business to share that same eating experience with you.  We are confident that your family will love it as much as ours does. 


We are Colorado Beef Quality Assurance certified, and pride ourselves in the consistency and delicious taste experienced with our beef.  We have a commitment to ensuring the production of safe, wholesome, high-quality beef.  We continue to educate ourselves to ensure we are practicing the best management practices.  

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